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Event Date September 14th 2024

Your low ticket price includes the following:


  • Game Admission for one player

  • High Pressure Air for your marker for the day. ( Co2 Fills will be priced per fill )

  • Rental Equipment if needed.  Please Specify when registering

  • BBQ Dinner and After Party

Early Bird Ticket Price:

$25 until June 30 
$35 until August 31
$45 until September 10
$60 at the door on game day

Members presenting a valid membership card at registration on game day will receive a free smoke grenade!

Battle for Paradise is an annual paintball experience unlike any other.  Imagine playing paintball with hundreds of other players as two giant teams directed by skilled commanders compete to complete various themed missions.  Over 80 acres of paintball set amongst wild forest, villages, castles, houses and miles of trails.  The theatre of battle is utterly huge and so is the excitement as units clash in epic fire fights though out the day.  All this becomes a reality for the biggest annual Paintball event in Manitoba; The Battle for Paradise, hosted at Paintball Paradise’s St. Laurent location.


Each year we create a new themed game, and construct props and missions designed to immerse the player in the unique world of the theme.  Players often will attend in costume, and we welcome players to do so.   For 2024 we step into the world of Star Warz.  The force is strong in this one.


Mission based play with unique objective and using a regeneration style format players will be able to play as much as they can handle during the mission's designated time in a quest to complete the overall goal.  All players are welcome to attend and rental equipment will be provided complementary if needed.  While the event is open to all pre registration is required.



Cases ( 2000 ):  $85 / $95

Bag of 500: $30 / $35


Save $10 off the case price when purchased with your event ticket before Sep 10.


First Strike ( 100 ): $ 80

Smoke & Paint Grenades

Smoke Grenade: $12

Paint Grenade: $18.5

Prices do not include applicable taxes. 

Battle for Paradise is a field paint only event
St. Laurent Site Is Cash Only 

Friday Time Line
  • 3:00pm - Camping Open ( check in at Paintball office ) 

  • 5:00pm - Registration & Paint Sales Open

  • 8:00pm - Registration & Paint Sales Closes for night

Saturday Time Line
  • 8:00am - Registration & Paint Sales Open 

  • 9:30am - Pre Game Player Breifing

  • 10:00am - Battle for Paradise Begins

  • 1:00pm - Lunch Break

  • 2:00pm - Battle for Paradise Resumes

  • 5:15pm - Closing Ceremonies and Awards

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