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Battle for Paradise Rules

You are about to embark on the experience of the summer! You will be participating in the largest day long paintball game in Manitoba. Unique features of this event include paint and smoke grenades, firebases, HQ bunkers, Siege towers, and much more! The game scoring methodology has been improved to enhance the intensity and fairness of play. We hope you will enjoy yourself.


The game itself will be explained in more detail throughout our web site. Here, we will attempt to educate and inform you of the Standard Rules of Play and of other event information. Due to the enormous importance of safety at an event so large, ALL players must familiarize themselves with all of the rules of play. You should also familiarize yourself with the field map. When you sign your waiver, you will also be stating that you have READ and UNDERSTAND these rules. For the sake of your safety, the safety of your fellow players and the enjoyment of your visit , it is important that you read and understand these rules. You will be held accountable for your actions on and off the field.


This is a game to have fun and to provide you with a memorable experience. Some elements of the game have been made to simulate realistic situations. Not everything can be realistic in a game such as this, but we have tried to implement an air of realism. Above all, be safe and have the time or your life.


• All player must sign a waiver 

• Guns are limited to a maximum of 300 fps and 10.5 bps ( balls per second )
• Only paintballs purchased at the event will be allowed for use.  First Strike, paint & smoke grenades and .50 cal will be available

• Alcohol will not be allowed outside of the designated camping areas.  Drugs are strictly prohibited

• All eliminated players must proceed to a respawn point to re-enter the game

• Late arrivals will not be allowed to enter the game until after the lunch break.

• All tanks must have a current hydro.

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