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About us!


Paintball Paradise was established in 1983 and was one of the first commercially operating paintball facilities in North America. We are passionate about paintball and that passion has stretched over the combined 50 years of competitive paintball that our key management bring to our daily operations. We understand how accessible the sport can be for people of all ages and fitness levels and strive to share that passion for the sport whether competing or just spending a leisurely day with friends.


Our paintball facilities are extensive, regularly hosting team building activities, bachelor / bachelorette parties as well as birthday parties or family gatherings. Don’t be afraid to ask us for a few tips or strategies, we love to help you have a great time at Paintball Paradise.

Paintball is an extreme sport where players try to eliminate opponents by tagging them with paintballs ( capsules ) propelled from a paintball marker ( paintball gun ) it can be played with individual players or teams. We at Paintball Paradise use paintballs that are made of non- toxic, bio-degradable, water soluble gelatin. Games are played on outdoor and indoor fields, a paintball game field has a variety of natural and built terrain where players try to gain tactical advantage. Does it hurt to get shot with a paintball? It feels about the same as getting hit with a rubber band, the sting is gone after a couple seconds.

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