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Speedball is the competitive sport version of paintball. This fast paced game is athletic, high adrenaline and mentally challenging. At Paintball Paradise speedball is in our blood and our Speedball Arena is where you will find Manitoba's tournament players out honing their skills. 

Top of the line speedball arena in Manitoba
About the Arena


Our speedball arena is Manitoba's top of the line competitive battle ground. The field is large enough to accommodate regulation sized layouts for all the major leagues ( NPPL, PSP & CXBL ). The ground cover is a plush natural grass which provides great traction and safe sliding. Our bunkers are Top of the line Supairball brand, and we always have the proper bunkers to design any sanctioned CXBL or PSP layout, plus a myriad of unique challenging designs as well. We also take great pride in insuring the field is properly laid out on a precise grid to ensure that no matter what side of the field you start from both teams have an equal and balanced field. And as you would expect of any top notch facility air is available at 4500 psi in the players

staging pits next to the field.

The Speedball Arena is located at our Winnipeg Facilty.

For Speedball Arena Rates and hours visit our advanced play page

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