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St. Laurent - 80 Acre Outdoor Park

Our St. Laurent Location operates by advance reservation for groups of 10 or more.  

There's nothing like the thrill of stalking your friends through the underbrush, lying in wait as the ambush approaches your position, or running into the fray to grab the flag. Paintball was born in the woods, and at over 80 acres our St. Laurent facility is the largest woodsball field in Manitoba.

We have multiple play courses featuring castles, vehicles, mobile homes, and much more.  Off field we have a private lake for cooling off after the battle, a huge fire pit, picnic tables and plenty of room to relax.  A BBQ is available for rent and our concession sells cold non alcoholic drinks and snacks.  Washroom facilities consist of porta potties. Helpful things to bring when attending our St. Laurent facility are folding chairs, bug spray, snacks and of course your swim trunks.

Drop in Play last Sunday of the Month!

No minimums, just come on down and join the fun. Registration opens at 10:30am and doors close at 5pm. Runs until the end of October.


Costs ( Taxes not included )

$40 Basic Rental - Includes 200 Paintballs, Paintball Gun & AntiFog Helmet.

$62 Ultimate Rental - Includes 500 Paintballs, Paintball Gun & AntiFog Helmet, Ammo Pouch and Chest Protector

$45 Self Equipped - Includes 500 Paintballs, Admission and Unlimited HPA.  Co2 Priced per fill

$30 - Self Equipped with own paintballs ( BYOP )

Includes admission & unlimited HPA, or 1 co2 fill.

Registrations before noon include a smokey and drink for lunch at 1pm.

10 player Package Basic:  $399.99 + Tx

Includes admissions, paintball gun and anti fog safety helmet rentals as well as 200 paintballs per player.   Additional players for $40.00

10 player Package Ultimate $619.99 + Tx

Includes admissions, paintball gun and anti fog safety helmet rentals, ammo belts chest protectors as well as 500 paintballs per player. Additional players for $62.00

How to Make a Reservation

Please call us at 204 338 1535, or email contact@paintball with the subject "st. laurent booking"

A deposit of $150.00 is required to book our St. Laurent site.  

Sorry We Do Not Supply Coveralls At This Location

We Currently Only Accept Cash In St. Laurent

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