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Advanced Play

For players looking to take their game to the max, with other like minded individuals.  We setup a fresh and challenging tournament layout on the Winnipeg speedball arena, and play games with teams divided to ensure balanced skill levels.  

  • $65 / $75 includes case of 2000 paintballs and entry

  • Returning with paint previously purchased from us? $15 entry and additional bags of 500 paintballs for $20

  • Bringing your own paint ( BYOP ) $30 includes admission and unlimited HPA. (outdoor only )

  • Pricing Does not include taxes.


Members Always Save!  Learn More here


Fun casual speedball games, rate of fire capped at 10.2 in ramp or semi auto only.  Max velocity 300 Fps.  HPA Fills to 4500 psi.


Advanced Play is for gear owners only!

Keep in Touch

It all goes down the 1st and 3rd Sunday of the month. Doors open 12 pm and we play games until 2:00 / 3:00.  Durring the winter we setup a fresh layout on our heated indoor battle field.

Join our Competition Paintball Club group on Facbook to keep in touch with our community of advanced players and never miss an event.

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