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July 15th

Click the Button To Enlist Your Team



4 Man Tactical Squad - $300

Single Rogue Operator - $80

( We'll make 4 player teams at random of all rogue registrations )


( Only Paintballs Purchased at the Event May Be Used )

$30 - 500 68 cal            $90 - Case 68 Cal 

$40 - 40 First Strike      $9 - Paint Grenade

$13.50 - Smoke Grenade

Rental Magazine Fed Markers:

$10 - Model 98 with 5 x 7rnd Mags

( Rentals are free for Paintball Paradise Members )



Team Name Engraved On Champions Trophy 

4 x Champion Patches

4 x $100 Paintball Paradise Gift Cards


4 x Runner Up patches

4 x $60 Paintball Paradise Gift Cards


4 x $30 Paintball Paradise Gift Cards

Team List

( Max 16 Teams )

1.                                                  7.                                           13.

2.                                                  8.                                           14.

3.                                                  9.                                           15.

4.                                                10.                                           16.

5.                                                11.                                          

6.                                                12.

Who, What, When, Where?

Who Can Play:

Anyone with a paintball gun that has an onboard paintball capacity of 20 balls or less. Players may carry up to 2 markers that fall under this rule ( Ie. a main marker and a sidearm ).  There is no limit on the number of magazines or pods a player may carry, so long as they too are limited to a 20 paintball maximum capacity.  Magazine fed Tippmann Model 98s with 5 7nd magazines are available for a $10 rental fee ( free for Paintball Paradise Members ).

What is the format:

4 Man teams will face off in battles of varying scenarios in multiple battle grounds.  Scenarios will be designed to test each teams ability to operate in direct combat against an opposing team on their own, or in some cases in conjunction with a another 4 man team.  Scenarios and size / number of battle fields will be determined at random.  Teams will be awarded points for their skill in completing mission objectives and valour in battle.

When will this take place:

Operation Zero Hour will commence at 6pm Saturday July 15th.  Games will be played as the light fades into the night utilizing the added challenge of limited visibility until one team is deemed the most courageous.  Expected event completion is 1am.

Where is the field of operations:

Operation Zero Hour will take place at Paintball Paradise's Winnipeg indoor and outdoor facility.  We will be utilizing the entire facility in a unique configuration combing our multiple outdoor battle fields and areas normally off limits to players to create battle zones of varying complexity and size for the mission at hand.  This will be truly unique experience, with new battle fields, effects and lighting.

Teams will also enjoy premium indoor and outdoor staging areas, clean washrooms and an onsite proshop during the event.  

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