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We currently have 1 Operations Manager position open.

November 4th, 2022

We're on the look out for people who love paintball, are passionate about helping others, never shy away from a little hard work and don't stop until the job is done right. 

Does this sounds like you?


We have an opening for a full time Operations Manager. This person is responsible for the operation of our park, and duties include facilities and equipment maintenance, running paintball games, operation of our point of sales system and registering customers for play.  This person must be able to direct their team in a fast paced environment with customer experience at top of mind.


Paintball Paradise offers a competitive wage, performance based bonuses, a fun working environment, discounts on paintball and flexible hours. Typical hours are 40 per week Wednesday thru Sunday.

To be considered for the position you must:

- Be a minimum of 20 years of age

- Have access to transportation

- Be able to work evenings and weekends

- Be a problem solver who can self direct

- Be courteous and willing to empower those around you

- Have strong communication skills

- Enjoy working with the public



Added consideration will be given to applicants whom:

  • Have their own transportation

  • Have previous customer service experience

  • Are fluent in a second language

  • Have completed first aid training

  • Have demonstrated paintball knowledge

Apply Online 
Apply In Person
With Resume


568 Prest Ave

West St. Paul. MB.  

204 338 1535

Wed - Thurs  12 to 8

Friday 12 to 10

Saturday 10 to 10

Sunday 12 to 7

Or Send Your Resume to:

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