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Event Dates

Friday Oct 21st 6:00 pm to Midnight
Oct 22nd & 23rd Noon till Midnight

$45 + tax per person
$350 + tax for a private experience ( max 8 participants )

Each experience is a maximum of 45 minutes plus 15 minutes of Zombie weapon training.


Tickets are non refundable.

Escape the Dead!

Presented by Paintball Paradise 
with production assistance from Post Mortem Productions

Have you been to other haunts and houses?
Have you faced a zombie before?
Were your choices to run or to scream?

ESCAPE the DEAD offers you another choice – 
run, scream or fight!
But you will need to use your brains or they could eat yours. 

This is an event unlike anything Winnipeg has ever seen combining escape rooms, paintball and zombies for the ultimate story based Halloween experience. And while we have all seen more then our fair share of zombie based entertainment, we are offering what no one has before – the chance to shoot zombies in the head. 

With only 3 days and only 8 people per time slot this is an exclusive event that only the truly brave will experience and only true survivors will complete.

You will have to rely on more then just your sharp shooting to survive. Be advised your ammo, (paintballs) will be limited to 15 rounds to complete the experience. When the real zombie apocalypse happens, we all know better then to widely shoot in all directions and thus ring the zombie dinner bell. Don’t think you can survive with only 15 rounds?

You can purchase an upgrade of 15 more paintballs for only $5.

Harvet Upgrade


 Please bring a tin for the bin. 


You can also get an extra 15 paintballs if you bring anything for Winnipeg Harvest off their 5 most wanted list:

Canned Meat

Canned Beans

Canned Soup

Canned Fruit

Rice and/or Pasta


(Limit one Harvest upgrade per person)


PRIZE: We will be tracking the time of every group and we will be awarding an all inclusive paintball package for 5 people for each person in the group posting the fastest time.


Adult language

Smoke effects

strobe/flashing lights

loud noises

potential infection and/or death. 


It is very important that every member of your group arrive on time.

Please make sure you know how to get to our location.

We cannot guarantee participation for latecomers. 

Uneven/rough terrain including stairs. Both running and sneaking will be required for survival.

The experience happens mostly outdoors – dress according for the weather. We will run the event rain shine or snow.

Open fires

Potential for your fellow survivors to accidentally shoot you

Provided safety glasses must be worn at all times

This is an adult event. 
14+ years old will be permitted with parental permission

Waivers are required and anyone under 18 must have their waiver signed buy a parent or guardian.

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