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Battle for Paradise - FAQ

Where is the game played?

Battle for Paradise takes place at Paintball Paradise's St. Laurent Facility.  You can find a map to the facility on the contacts page.


What time does the game start?

The game starts at 10am Sharp, intorductions and rules will be explained at 9:15 with registration opening at 7:30am.  We strongly recommend that players arrive as early as possible to avoid long lines.  Any players not registered and ready to play at game start will have to wait until after lunch break to join the action.  Registration will also be open from 5 to 9 the night before for players to preregister and those looking to setup a campsite.


Will rental equipent be avilable?

For $15 plus taxes a player can rent a full equipemt set including paintball gun, HPA tank, loader and helmet.  Any players whom require rental gear are asked to fill out the rental reservation form on the tickets page.


How long is the game?

The game will last roughly 6 hours, including a 1 hour lunch break which starts at 1pm.


Can I bring my own paint?

No, this event is field paint only and violators will be removed from play.  We will have a variety of quality WPN paint, grenades, smoke and first strike rounds available for purchase.


Is there camping avialable?

There sure is.  Camping is included in your ticket price.  Campers are welcome to arrive between 5pm and 8pm on Friday and stay until Sunday.  Please bear in mind that the camping area is unserviced, nor will any glass bottles be allowed on the property.  Firewood can be purcahed on site and RVs / Traiers are welcome.


Can I play on the same team as my friends?

Yup, we'll do our best to make sure you get to spend the day playing with your friends.  Teams will be populated on game day to ensure even numbers.


Will there be food on site?

Yes. We will have bevergaes and snacks available through out the day.  During lunch and for 1 hour after the game ends we'll also have hamburgers and hot dogs for sale.  Campers are advised to bring food for all other meals.


Is there anything I should bring?

Keep in mind that the game is played on huge fields in the woods.  Things like bug spray, long sleeve shirts, full length pants and closed toe shoes are hightly reccommeded.  While off field a chair to relax in and appropriate provisisons for the weather of the day are good things to keep in mind, as staging for the event is outdoors.


Do we need to fill out a waiver?

YES!!!  This is a requiremnt for all players and those under the age of 18 will need parental consent on the form as well.  You will find a link to the waiver at the top of this website.


What is the allowed field speed and gun modes?

Players will be required to pass a chronograph test at 300 feet per second and no more than 10.5 balls per second.  Any fire mode can be used so long as these two requirements are met.  Players violating thse rules will be removed from play.


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