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Airsoft in the playing fields

Yup, we do Airsoft games too!

We don't believe that we should restrict our amazing play fields to paintball only.  For the 2013 season we'll be offering monthly drop in airsoft games at our Winnipeg and St. Laurent locations.  Check out the public events calendar to see what days these games are scheduled for.  We're also open for airsoft reservations anytime for groups of 10 or more ( deposit required ).

We do not rent airsoft gear!  All players will need to bring their own gear and are welcome to bring their own BBs or buy some from us at the field.  Airsoft admission is $25.00 taxes included. If your looking for airsoft gear check out our proshop.

Our Field Rules:

• All guns must pass the Chronograph at 400 fps or less with a .2g BB.

• No Mesh googles, and full face protection is required.
• A barrel bag is required for safety.

• All airsoft guns must be transported to and from our facilities in a closed case.

• Players must be 16 years of age or older. All players will need to sign our waiver.

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